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Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time — June 21, 2020

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Temporary Mass Schedule as we gradually return to community Masses

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8:00 AM
Sunday Vigil 5:00 PM Saturday
Sunday Morning 10:00 AM

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You have the power, almighty Lord, to combine in us a life based upon an everlasting foundation of reverential fear and love of your holy name. You have revealed to us that you never deprive of your guidance in life those whom you have fixed firmly in the pathway of your covenant love.

Fear and love — these two aspects of life are sometimes placed in opposition in our way of thinking. How can you be afraid of someone who loves you? Sometimes, too, the whole Bible is thought to contain two stages: Old Testament teaches a God to be feared; New Testament a God of love. This does not adequately describe our God. He is a God to be feared in a reverential way because of his greatness and at the same time he is a God whose greatness shines forth most of all in his love and mercy. This Mass prayer puts the two together. That is the Church’s request of the Lord during our Eucharistic gathering today. We seek from the Lord both a reverence and respect for his name (for the God that he is) as well as a deeper love of his name (the divine Father who loves us as sons and daughters). So fear and love properly understood can go together. The last sentence of this prayer spells out the reason this will take place as he shows us that he truly is a Father who guides our life toward eternal communion with him.
By entering into God’s family at prayer and adoration of him at the Eucharistic table our faith life is deepened by a more conscious awareness of the tremendous power and majesty of God and a more heartfelt return of love of such a Lord who saves us by adopting us as his sons and daughters. Fear and love are a sacred combination of what the Lord makes us and our lives in Christ.


Prayer for the Renewal of Covenant Love

Through your gift of Covenant love, O Lord, you have opened our hearts to welcome your Son to dwell within us by being baptized into his Church community and enlivened and strengthen by his Holy Spirit as to what you have made us so that we can better answer your call to gather for the Eucharist. Unable to join the body of Christ at this time to celebrate the redemption of your people, we beseech your merciful love to enlarge our hearts so to welcome your presence all the more and that of your Son and the Holy Spirit so that we may give you thanks always and everywhere as befits your name. Open our ears, O Lord, to your word, both spoken and lived. Through your Holy Spirit make our daily lives more in the image of your Son who is the perfect example of your eternal Covenant so that we may soon join his body, the Church, to burst forth in praise of you at the Table of the Lord, sharing his Body and Blood, and to advance with all your faithful people toward your kingdom of heaven, bound together with you and your holy ones in your one family. Make firm that unity of your Church in answer to your Son’s prayer that we be one so that the world come to know your presence here and know that you are always with us. Through Christ our risen Lord. Amen