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The Son of God Humbled Himself

Categories: Father Fay's Section

The mystery of the Incarnation of the Lord is central to our faith. The Eucharistic celebration which we love and miss these days always contains a reference to who we are in the light of the Son of God becoming man. It is in the Offertory/Preparation of the Gifts. When the priest mixes water with the wine in the chalice says:

By the mystery of this water and wine
may we come to share in the divinity of Christ
who humbled himself to share in our humanity.

The small amount of water disappears into the wine. Christ is symbolized by the wine; we are symbolized by the water. The whole reason he humbled himself to come among us is that we may become one with him in the glory of heaven — the mystery of salvation, the Covenant. God wants us to share his life, his divinity and thereby reach a happiness beyond human capabilities. That is his gift to us. Lastly, to bring about this incredible gift to mankind the Lord Jesus humbled himself, emptied himself so much that he loves us. Is not that what the crucifixion is all about?