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SUNDAY — September 6, 2020

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Mass Schedule this Week      September 6 – September 13

Today -Lord’s Day      5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday)
                        10:00 am (Sunday)

Monday — LABOR DAY Mass at 8:00 am
Tuesday — 8:00 am
Wednesday —12 Noon
Thursday — 8:00 am
Friday — 12 Noon
Saturday — 8:00 am

Lord’s Day      5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday – 9/12)
                        10:00 am (Sunday- 9/13)

Please check this page daily for any last minute changes

Ezekiel, God’s watchman
who alerts the people to need for repentance

Prayer for Church
in light of the brotherly love and fraternal correction of the Gospel

Come, Holy Spirit, open our eyes and hearts to our responsibilities within the body of Christ.
See to it that we quickly discern our own weaknesses and imperfections and seek and give mercy in the community of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Grant us the humility to listen and accept it when others lovingly and rightfully tell us our faults and return the favor as needed.
Fill us with Jesus’ brotherly love so that we come to know at the right time and with the right words to help others find again your covenant path and be willing ourselves to welcome your pardon through them in the same way.
Grant that our parish be a community which together constantly seeks a greater response to your love so that we live the Gospel fully in the truth of the Father’s plan of salvation revealed in Christ Jesus.

Based on prayer of Father Raphael Devillers, Belgian Dominican