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Sunday — Ordinary 33

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Temporary Mass Schedule this Week       November 15 – November 22



Today -Lord’s Day       5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday)
                                    10:00 am EST (Sunday)

Monday 12 Noon
Tuesday — 8:00 am
Wednesday —NO NOON MASS [due to funeral]
Thursday — 8:00 am
Friday — 12 Noon
Saturday — 8:00 am

Lord’s Day      5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday – 11/21)
                        10:00 am (Sunday- 11/22)

Please check this page daily for any last minute changes

Treasure God’s gift of himself to you by drawing closer to him

Alternate Gathering Prayer

Father, Lord of all, our hope and desire and prayer is that we find joy always in dedication to you and your Son Jesus Christ and in being faithful to your covenant and plan for us. You have taught us that enduring and full happiness will come to us when we loyally and obediently serve you constantly who are the origin and source of everything that is good for us.




Brief summary of the readings
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Proverbs: The woman who reverently fears the Lord is more precious than pearls
Psalm 128: Reverence and fear of the Lord makes one blessed
1 Thessalonians: Children of the God of light are awake and ready
Matthew: Be ever more fruitful with God’s patrimony entrusted to you