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Here at Saint Gabriel’s, God gathers His people: We celebrate.

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Sunday — Ordinary 32nd

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Temporary Mass Schedule this Week       November 8 – November 1



Today -Lord’s Day       5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday)
                                    10:00 am EST (Sunday)

Monday 12 Noon
Tuesday — 8:00 am
Wednesday —12 Noon
Thursday — 8:00 am
Friday — 12 Noon
Saturday — 8:00 am

Lord’s Day      5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday – 11/14)
                        10:00 am (Sunday- 11/15)


Please check this page daily for any last minute changes

Our Creator is the measure of all things

Alternate Gathering Prayer

With your wisdom, power and covenant love, Lord our God, you have created us body and soul so that we totally belong to you. Because of our human weakness kindly follow your mercy and goodness in warding off from us whatever could block our way to you, so that free both in mind and body we may carry out your commands unencumbered with hearts set on doing your will.


Brief summary of the readings [find links below on homepage]


Wisdom: The Wisdom of God is what we seek
Psalm 63: Lord, my soul is thirsting for your presence
1 Thessalonians: God’s future for us in Christ is our hope
Matthew: Lord, open the door for us