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Sunday — March 22, 2020

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In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Peace be with you.


Let us seek the merciful love of God:

Have mercy on us, O Lord
For we have sinned against you.

Lord, show us your mercy
And grant us your salvation.


Let us pray:

Lord our God, we stand in awe of you for your wonderful plan of salvation of all of mankind brought about by your Son, the Word made flesh. In the light of this we pray begging you to see to it that your Christian people experience an increase of a more lively faith which will bring forth your inspired love within us taking us more quickly to the upcoming Easter Season with its great festivities.

Listen to the sacred scriptures:
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Silent Reflection and/or share comments.



We find ourselves on a journey in uncharted waters. No one on earth today, I believe, has ever gone through exactly what we are going through. Can we call it a gift of God? Is that stretching things a bit? Never forget that Jesus’ death and resurrection is God’s way of salvation for us. We can never call the Paschal Mystery of Christ (his death, resurrection and glorification) a farfetched and impossible work of God. So we must ask ourselves what kind of a God do we have. If God has chosen to lead us in these days with unexpected and frightening events, he will likewise provide the new graces we need to reach eternal life through them. Therefore we are being called by the Lord to be renewed in faith as we continue our journey in troubled waters. God’s love is being revealed before our very eyes.


What does our faith tell us then? God’s word today can play an essential role in what lies ahead for us in the near future as well as what lies ahead in our final days when he brings us to perfection in his heavenly realm.


Today’s Gospel of Jesus healing of the man born blind has been inserted into the list of readings on this Lenten Sunday, first of all for the catechumens preparing themselves for the Easter Sacraments (which may be delayed for a few weeks as we wait for the air to clear – I foresee that this year the Feast which will take first place for us will be Pentecost, May 31st –more on that later). So this is why I am calling the present situation as a call from God to renew our own faith within the body of the Church. Let me explain.


One of the main results of the pandemic has been a clear realization by all that we are all in this together (Christians and non-Christians alike — hospitals do not differentiate). So we all need the light of Christ to enable us to see this. We need his healing not just of body but of mind and heart as well. We have never had such a great opportunity as in our time. Are we ready to take advantage of it?


Our faith is a social faith. God has saved us as his people. The individual will not reach Paradise all alone but only together with our brothers and sisters. From this we can see why Jesus insisted that we love one another as well as love God. So we feel – without perhaps fully realizing it – that we must reach out to one another and we miss that by missing coming to church. The Eucharist is the perfect and highest example of joining God’s people for worship. Going to church has been in the life of God’s people from ancient times. It is not an option as some may think. So I am recommending to you that, if at all possible, you gather for communal prayer on this Lord’s Day and that you spend some time in silent meditation of how God loves all his people and expects us (commands us) to join people to strengthen the faith ties which he has established as his plan of salvation. I see a blessing in this. Give it some thought.


We will come back together in church stronger and more faith filled to give thanks as the body of Christ to the great and loving God that we have, the Father of Jesus.


Praise be to God!


Period of Silence


Sample Prayer of the Faithful
Lord, who live forever and can do everything
It is from you that all mankind whom you have placed in this world
exists and continues to draw life.

We come to you seeking mercy and love
for today we are experiencing our human weakness
in the form of a unexpected virus outbreak.

We have believed and still believe that you guide
the course of human events.
We are sure that it is you who can change our human situation
for the better of mankind.
By so doing your goodness and love will shine forth, even in suffering,

We place in your care the sick and their families
for through the power and victory of your Son’s Easter Mystery
you can restore health of mind and body to us all.

Help us for we are bound by the solidarity of faith and life.

Watch over our medical personnel
and all those who serve us
in a health capacity and in public service

Be our comfort in our weakness
and sustain us
through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints.
Protect us from all that threatens us

Free us from the epidemic that can brings us harm
so we can return to our regular daily lives
and give you thanks and praise in the body of the Church
with hearts renewed in faith and prosperity.

In Jesus’ name we pray for ever and ever. Amen.


Our Father, who art in heaven…


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen