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Sunday — Advent Two

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Temporary Mass Schedule this Week       December 6 – December 13


Today -Lord’s Day       5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday)
                                    10:00 am (Sunday)

Monday NO NOON MASS [due to funeral]
Tuesday — 8:00 am Mass of IMMACULATE CONCEPTION
Wednesday —12 Noon
Thursday — 8:00 am
Friday — 12 Noon
Saturday — 8:00 am – Our Lady of Guadalupe


                          5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday – 12/12)
                        10:00 am (Sunday- 12/13)


Please check this page daily for any last-minute changes

Advent is a time for greater faith in God, greater hope in his promises, greater acceptance of his loving forgiveness

Alternate Gathering Prayer

Lord filled with power and merciful love, so much do we wish to be in the company of your Son. We are going out to meet him in haste. Do not let any present tasks of life or sinfulness get in our way but stir up in us an understanding heart that when we encounter him we shall be ready to walk with him forever for he is King forever in your heavenly presence.

Our response today to the word of God — Psalm 85 (in part)

Lord, let us see your kindness, and grant us your salvation.

I will hear what God proclaims;
the LORD—for he proclaims peace to his people.
Near indeed is his salvation to those who fear him,
glory dwelling in our land.

Kindness and truth shall meet;
justice and peace shall kiss.
Truth shall spring out of the earth,
and justice shall look down from heaven.

The LORD himself will give his benefits;
our land shall yield its increase.
Justice shall walk before him,
and prepare the way of his steps.

[The Lord’s “kindness” = his merciful and faithful covenant love and forgiveness]



Brief summary of the readings [find links below on homepage]


Isaiah: This is the time for the glad tidings, good news, gospel
Psalm 85: This is the time for God to let us see how much he loves us
2 Peter: This is the time for the Lord to create us anew
Mark: This is the time for us to take a second look at who is Jesus given us from heaven