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Here at Saint Gabriel’s, God gathers His people: We celebrate.

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SUNDAY— 22nd in Ordinary Time

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Mass Schedule this Week — August 30 – September 6

Today -Lord’s Day      5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday)
                        10:00 am (Sunday)

Monday —12 Noon
Tuesday — 8:00 am
Wednesday —12 Noon
Thursday — 8:00 am
Friday — 12 Noon
Saturday — 8:00 am

Lord’s Day      5:00 pm Vigil (Saturday – 9/5)
                        10:00 am (Sunday- 9/6)

Please check this page daily for any last minute changes

Alternate Gathering Prayer

Because of your infinite power, Lord God, every gift of yours is the best for us that can ever be. It is “perfect” and “complete.” Stir up and increase the love your name in our hearts here at Mass today and so grant that an increase in your life within us will make us more devoted to you and more watchful and vigilant to preserve every gift which you bestow.

Brief summary of the readings [find links below on homepage]


The fire of God in Jeremiah’s heart impels him to preach the name of the Lord
Psalm 63: Lifting up my hands, I call upon the name of the Lord
Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, worship pleasing to the Lord
Peter, you are not thinking as God does

My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God.
Psalm 63