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Pearls of Wisdom — from the bulletin

Categories: Father Fay's Section

This year we are going to emphasize that our “Christmas Confession” begins with a meditation on God’s love revealed in his sending of his Son into this world.

1) We will do this first of on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (this Friday) with the Gospel of Luke relating the Annunciation scene prior to Jesus’s birth. This is really the point of when the Incarnation occurs — the Incarnation of the Son of God made man — as the high point and goal of God’s merciful and loving plan of salvation for weak mankind.

2) The following week on Thursday, December 14th we shall return to this same Gospel as our scripture reading in the Parish Communal Sacrament of Penance. At that time we shall give thanks to the Lord for such a deed, glorify him for it in word and song, and honor him by coming to him to find mercy and forgiveness so we can thank him by the way of holiness we are resolved to live in the future with the help of his continuing mercy.

3) We shall return to the Gospel a third time on December 20th just days before Christmas as a sign that through the grace of God we live in the time of Emmanuel — the time when God is with us.