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Online Giving

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Life is like a river that keeps flowing. New waters bring new things in life. We are used to things changing, e.g. new models of automobiles each year. We live in an electronic age which has made the river flow faster and have produced many changes in the way we do things. The Church lives in such a changing world. It is not uncommon now to check the Mass schedule on the internet instead finding out by telephone.

With the advent of electronic banking and expanded credit card use, it has become possible to make donations and offertory contributions to Saint Gabriel’s through our website. The traditional methods of contributing remain in place but the convenience of online giving is being added.

Below you will find a link to the page with 11 Frequently Asked Questions concerning this new method.

Another question might be: Why, what advantage is it? It does offer the capability of making donations when you are out of town, or when you are out of checks, or when you tend to forget to get your envelope ready, or when you prefer to use your bank statements for recording your contributions, when your conscience gets to you at midnight (it is available 24/7), etc.

One disadvantage might be losing the sense of contributing as participation in Mass – losing the symbolic joining of one’s life and work to the offering of Christ’s sacrifice. To offset this, you will find beginning with the November packet of Sunday Envelopes a checkbox on the envelope to indicate that your contribution was done electronically. You may wish to put that marked envelope in the collection basket as part of your Sunday observance.

Whatever way you choose to donate, it will be posted to your contribution statement for the year.

A more extensive treatment of this matter can be found at Our Sunday Visitor.

Thank you.

Father David Fay


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