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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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In his love and mercy God has created us and redeemed us to be his own people

He is our God, we are the people he shepherds, the sheep in his hands (Psalm 95:7)

Sacred history tells us that he at times chastens the ones he loves

so that their faith in him grow deeper

and their love of him lead them to praise him even more.

We find ourselves in such a precarious position now — a fact the Lord is well aware of.

We do not question whether God has forgotten us.

He is with us as he promised.

We continue to have spiritual ties with him and with Christ’s body the Church.

We strengthen those ties through prayer.


Our Father, who art in heaven…


Let us pray:


Lord, who live forever and can do everything

It is from you that all mankind whom you have placed in this world

exists and continues to draw life.


We come to you seeking mercy and love

for today we are experiencing our human weakness

in the form of a unexpected virus outbreak.


We have believed and still believe that you guide

the course of human events.

We are sure that it is you who can change our human situation

for the better of mankind.

By so doing your goodness and love will shine forth, even in suffering,


We place in your care the sick and their families

for through the power and victory of your Son’s Easter Mystery

you can restore health of mind and body to us all.


Help us for we are bound by the solidarity of faith and life.


Watch over our medical personnel

and all those who serve us

in a health capacity and in public service


Be our comfort in our weakness

and sustain us

through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints.

Protect us from all that threatens us


Free us from the epidemic that can brings us harm

so we can return to our regular daily lives

and give you thanks and praise in the body of the Church

with hearts renewed in faith and prosperity.


In Jesus’ name we pray for ever and ever. Amen.