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Liturgy Vatican II

Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

Revisiting the heavenly gifts of the Second Vatican Council to the Church in the past half century quickly brings to mind the path taken by the bishops at that time. The renewal of the living faith of the Church was to take its inspiration and direction from the great tradition of the Church’s worship. This can be seen clearly in the publication of its initial document, which was devoted to the renewal and fostering of the liturgical worship as the primary and indispensable source from which the faithful are to derive the true Christian spirit. If the faith is to be enlivened, a conscious and devout participation in the Church’s lived faith at worship was essential.

Faith and worship go hand in hand according to the ancient saying: We pray the way we believe and we believe the way we pray (lex credendi, lex orandi). So during this Year of Faith and beyond we shall let God strengthen our faith by entering into the spirit of the Church’s liturgy with greater appreciation and fervor as we enter more deeply into the spiritual tradition of the Church at prayer.

To this end you will find on these web pages informative and stimulating articles and videos dealing with liturgical matters – for the enhancement and joy of celebrating the mysteries of Christ.