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In future days as we listen once again to the Passion of Christ from the Gospels Peter’s denial of Christ makes us wince at the thought that someone so close to Jesus would not stand up for his Master at such a time. Then we recall the situation and the threats of having to undergo the same as Christ. We feel for Peter whom we now call a saint. We also look into our own consciences and see some of the same when we met some opposition to our own being Christian or Catholic. So reading the part of John’s Gospel after the resurrection (Chapter 21) God’s word makes it clear that the risen Lord was merciful to Peter. We know that Peter wept bitterly immediately following his denial. But here on the seashore Jesus takes the initiative and approaches Peter with the famous questions: Do you love me? Then the feed my lambs… We know the mercy and forgiveness was there because the Lord continued in his call to Peter to be a fisher of men and in that promised that he would back him up in his mission. (See Psalm 130 elsewhere on this homepage.) Christ is doing the same for his people and reassures us right now of his mercy and forgiveness.