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Daily Readings Archive

Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

The jailer — Immediate baptism after receiving the word of God
Psalm 138 Our lives are in the hands of God
Jesus gives an examination of conscience

Monday of the Sixth Week of Easter

The Lord opened the heart of Lydia to the faith
Psalm 149 The Lord loves his people
The Holy Spirit speaks well of Jesus and we are to speak well of him too


Sixth Sunday of Easter

The Apostles place hands on their heads and they received the Spirit
Psalm 66 The work of God among us brings joy
Be ready to give reason to others why your hope is so strong
I will pray to the Father to send you a Spiritual Advocate

Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Paul continues his missionary journeys — now on to Greece
Psalm 100 God gives us joy in seeing his wonders before our eyes
Jesus teaches again remember my words

Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter

The Apostle’s send delegates and letter to Church in Antioch
Psalm 57 I will chant your praises among the nations
You are my friends if you remain faithful to my commands — love one another


Tuesday of Fifth Week of Easter

Paul gathers the people together united in faith
Psalm 145 We proclaim the glory of your kingship
Peace is my legacy, says the Lord

Fifth Sunday of Easter

The Spirit of the risen Christ at work
Psalm 33 Thanks be to God for his merciful Covenant love
You have been chosen through God’s Chosen Son
Jesus goes to the Father but remains with his disciples