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Daily Readings Archive

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah: The one true God is even King and Ruler over the pagans
Psalm 96: Worship the one true God, all the earth
1 Thessalonians: Your faith, hope and love show you have been chosen by the one true God
Matthew: You have been created in the image of the one true God

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah: The worldwide universal banquet when the Messiah comes
Psalm 23: In the Good Shepherd’s house I will live forever
Philippians: I will have whatever I need from the riches of the Messiah
Matthew: At the Lord’s invitation I will banquet at the Messiah’s wedding

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah: The Lord has planted and cared for his vineyard from ages past
Psalm80: The Lord has made his vineyard fruitful, producing good fruit
Philippians: In Christ Jesus life is good, beautiful, kind
Matthew: God’s Son offers the vineyard to all mankind

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ezekiel: Each person will be answerable before God
Psalm 25: You are a God of compassion, O Lord
Philippians: Jesus was obedient to the very end
Matthew: God is always open to giving a change of heart

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah 55: As high as the heavens are my way above your ways
Psalm 145: God is to be praised – his ways are good and just
Philippians 1: I want to be with Christ forever
Matthew 20: Are you envious of your fellowman because I am good and generous to them

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Remember the Lord’s Covenant, and overlook the faults of your neighbor
Psalm 103: The Lord is kind and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in compassion
Whether we live or die we are the Lord’s
Lord, if my brother sins against me, how many times must I forgive?

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

God made his prophet Ezekiel the watchman and sentinel for his people
Psalm 95: salvation comes to us by our listening to the word of God with our hearts
Mutual (brotherly love) brings to fulfillment God’s covenant plan for us
We join Christ in his kindness and forgiveness by our mutual merciful love within the Church community

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

The fire of God in Jeremiah’s heart impels him to preach the name of the Lord
Psalm 63: Lifting up my hands, I call upon the name of the Lord
Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, worship pleasing to the Lord
Peter, you are not thinking as God does

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah – The Lord himself hands the keys to his chosen one
Psalm 85 – The Lord continues his work of creation because his mercy and love are everlasting
Saint Paul – God’s wisdom is so amazing in Christ that we give praise to his Son who holds the keys
Saint Matthew – The Lord’s power of the keys resides in his Son who dwells in his people, the Church

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

I will lead foreigners to my holy mountain
Psalm 67: the nations of the world will worship and give thanks together
God’s gifts freely given and his call are irrevocable
Woman, your faith is great, even though you are not of the house of Israel