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Daily Readings Archive

First Sunday of Advent

Isaiah: Lord, you are the potter, we are the clay. Make us a holy people
Psalm 80: Lord, make us turn to you, let us see your face and we shall find salvation
1 Corinthians: Lord, you are faithful, send us your Son that we share his life
Mark: Some of Jesus’ last words to us: Watch by listening to your Father speak

Christ the King

Ezekiel: The Lord is Shepherd, King and ultimate Judge of his people
Psalm 23: The Lord is Shepherd King who takes care of his people out of merciful love
1 Corinthians: The Son of God has the role of King of all mankind
Matthew: The Son of Man is Shepherd, King and Merciful Judge of all mankind

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Proverbs: The woman who reverently fears the Lord is more precious than pearls
Psalm 128: Reverence and fear of the Lord makes one blessed
1 Thessalonians: Children of the God of light are awake and ready
Matthew: Be ever more fruitful with God’s patrimony entrusted to you

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wisdom: The Wisdom of God is what we seek
Psalm 63: Lord, my soul is thirsting for your presence
1 Thessalonians: God’s future for us in Christ is our hope
Matthew: Lord, open the door for us

Solemnity of All Saints

Revelation: Countless number of saints gathered together
Psalm 24: The saints seek the face of God
1 John: The saints recognize that they are being blessed as children of God
Matthew: God’s holy ones see God

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Exodus: God’s saving love in the Exodus impels us to treat others the same way
Psalm 18: God’s saving love calls us to so praise him by the way we live and say I love you
1 Thessalonians: The living God has rewarded you by manifesting his love in you toward others
Matthew: Every commandment of God comes from and results in loving him and others

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah: The one true God is even King and Ruler over the pagans
Psalm 96: Worship the one true God, all the earth
1 Thessalonians: Your faith, hope and love show you have been chosen by the one true God
Matthew: You have been created in the image of the one true God

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah: The worldwide universal banquet when the Messiah comes
Psalm 23: In the Good Shepherd’s house I will live forever
Philippians: I will have whatever I need from the riches of the Messiah
Matthew: At the Lord’s invitation I will banquet at the Messiah’s wedding

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Isaiah: The Lord has planted and cared for his vineyard from ages past
Psalm80: The Lord has made his vineyard fruitful, producing good fruit
Philippians: In Christ Jesus life is good, beautiful, kind
Matthew: God’s Son offers the vineyard to all mankind

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ezekiel: Each person will be answerable before God
Psalm 25: You are a God of compassion, O Lord
Philippians: Jesus was obedient to the very end
Matthew: God is always open to giving a change of heart