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Daily Readings Archive

Second Sunday of Lent

Genesis: The Lord preserves life, all of which is precious to him
Psalm 116: Alive, I shall walk in presence of the living God in his temple
Romans: Jesus did not come to condemn the world

Mark: Faith gives a vision of the glory of the risen Lord

First Sunday of Lent

Genesis: The Lord renews the covenant with Noah when the flood ends
Psalm 25: To those who keep the covenant God reveals his heart and mercy
1 Peter: Baptism prefigured in God’s saving Noah and his family
Mark: Jesus was put to the test in the desert and was victorious preserving the covenant

Ash Wednesday

Joel: Lord, do not let your heritage to us go to waste
Psalm 51: Show us mercy, Lord; show us how to accept it
2 Corinthians: This is the time of grace; take hold of it
Matthew: Lenten instructions from the Sermon on the Mount

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Job: What is life with suffering? The Lord gives and the Lord takes away
Psalm 147: Hallelujah – The Lord is victorious and to be praised
1 Corinthians: God’s love impels me to spread the good news
Mark: Christ Jesus is the divine Healer and gives life

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deuteronomy: Listen to the Lord through the genuine prophets
Psalm 95: Today, listen to the Lord speak
1 Corinthians: Whatever is your life’s calling, listen to God wholeheartedly
Mark: The crowds listened to Jesus who spoke with divine authority

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jonah: The Lord sends Jonah on a mission of mercy
Psalm 25: I would not know how to live unless the Lord teaches me
1 Corinthians: Now the earth is newly raised to the level of the risen Christ
Mark: Christ calls apostles for the mission of mercy

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

1 Samuel: God calls Samuel as a youngster
Psalm 40: Doing your will, Lord, is my whole life
1 Corinthians: Living body and soul the resurrection of Christ makes our bodies holy
John: The new disciples want to spend time with the newly discovered Messiah

Baptism of the Lord

[Several choices]

Isaiah 55: Come, here is the water; Listen and you will live
Isaiah 12: Draw water from the springs of salvation; it will be your joy
Acts: God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power
Mark: You are my Son; I find joy in everything about you.



Isaiah: God will be with his people and reveal his glory
Psalm 72: All the earth will adore the God whose glory they see
Ephesians: Even the pagans will have a share in the heavenly glory
Matthew: The magi bow down in worship and adoration

Holy Family

(Several possible readings)

Genesis: God promises his Covenant to the sons of Abraham
Psalm 105: God remembers his Covenant through all the generations of the earth
Hebrews: Abraham trusted God to fulfill his promise to bless all generations of mankind
Luke: Now I can see God’s promise is to be trusted