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Daily Readings Archive

Ascension of the Lord

Acts: For “forty days” the risen Lord instructs his disciples about his heavenly presence
Psalm 47: The risen Lord is the divine King – he is the new Ark of the Covenant present to us
Ephesians: Today’s grace to each of us is measured and allotted according to Christ
Mark: The risen Lord, the King of glory, continues to work through his Church

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Acts:  The merciful love of God is poured out on Cornelius through the Holy Spirit
Psalm 98: The Spirit expresses himself through our praise of the marvels of God
1 John: God has chosen us and pours out his enduring love upon us
John: By the work of the Spirit we remain in Christ’s love and keep his commandments

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Acts:  The Church grew by accepting Saul (Paul) into their communion
Psalm 22: Jesus’ prayer on the cross speaks of resurrection and praise of the Father
1 John: The true Christian accepts the risen Son of God and has love for one another
John: The faithful obedience of the branches on the vine produces much fruit

Sunday Easter IV

Acts:  The risen Lord Jesus is the rock and source of unity for his flock
Psalm 118: the risen Lord is the cornerstone of the building of the Church
1 John: The risen Lord is the stone foundation and image of God’s shepherd love for his people
John: The risen Lord has shown his love for this flock by giving his life for us

Third Sunday of Easter

Acts:  In the resurrection of the Christ God has fulfilled what he announced beforehand,
Psalm 4: Through the light of the Lord’s countenance we understand the scriptures
1 John: Our response to God’s call is to know Christ as his Son
Luke: Jesus himself opens the scriptures for us

Second Sunday of Easter

Acts:  The early Church at peace
Psalm 118: The Easter peace – by the Lord has this been done
1 John: The resurrection has drawn us into peaceful brotherly fellowship
John: The maturing of Thomas’ faith has brought him inner peace

Palm Sunday Passion

Mark – Gospel of the Palms— part of Passover Week

Isaiah:  Servant Song — I listen to the Lord
Psalm 22: In the midst of the assembly I praise you, Lord
Philippians: At the name of Jesus all glorify the Father
Mark: Truly this man was the Son of God

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Jeremiah: I will renew my covenant and write it on my people’s hearts
Psalm 51: Renew your spirit within me, O Lord
Hebrews: Renew my heart with the obedience of your Son’s passion and resurrection
John: It is a springtime of renewal in Christ as the grain of wheat dies and blossoms

Fourth Sunday of Lent

2 Chronicles: The merciful love of God made manifest in the Exile and the Return
Psalm 137: The songs of the Lord are to be sung in God’s Temple in Jerusalem
Ephesians: The grace and love of God has saved us in Christ Jesus
John: The loving Father sent his Son to save us by the love of the cross

Third Sunday of Lent

Exodus: The Father’s mercy and love brought them to the Covenant of Sinai

Psalm 19: The Covenant Law is the delight of my life

1 Corinthians: The wisdom of God’s Law is greater than human wisdom

John: The Father’s Temple, is now Christ Jesus, where we worship Him