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Categories: Father Fay's Section

I hear church bells ringing from a distance.

As we get closer to the Church Bells calling us together we must make up our minds the changes in life to which God is calling us. This is not just a religious problem but with the deepening of our faith life and the wisdom and values it brings all of society, whether believers or non-believers, will benefit from the graces of the blessings these days offer us. Each year the gifts of Easter teach us that we are to share what we receive in Jesus’ name. The pandemic heightens the need and power of what comes from above. That is why the bells are ringing. Everybody can hear them; everybody is being called to respond positively.


It is evident that Easter opens up the treasures from heaven — they are multiple and diverse, such as what is life all about, which way must we go, is their hope, will life come to an end, where does Jesus fit into the picture today. So how is God handling this? Does he let us know what he wants? Do we find it in the scriptures? Is his answer out there for all to see? All this fits together. So let us start by asking ourselves what changes in our way of living touch us the most. Probably what hits home are the restrictions placed on our freedom. We cannot go wherever we wish. Our shopping habits have changed. The people we see every day are very limited. We have become more aware of the many unselfish people who serve us. Our leaders come under fire for the decisions they make. Supplies, especially medical supplies and services, are at a premium. Worries arise about our future — jobs and finances. Life is fragile. And I cannot pray the way I am used to.


So in all of these what is the biggest change? For most of us it is the reality that we do not have access to Mass, especially Sunday Mass. It pleases me to hear so many of you confess that you in all of the adjustments we have had to make going to church is what we look forward to the most. I usually bring up the fact that the Church is doing what it can under the circumstances by providing a virtual prayer time by Internet or TV. Masses are live streamed or broadcast on cable or spiritual content on our website and others. But I find hope in your response that it is not the same. There is something that cannot be reproduced digitally. An in person, with the faith community Mass is what we seek. God has taught us this, not just from books, but by actually participating in the Eucharist over the years. We do not know exactly what it is but there is something about a live, in person encounter with Christ and his Church which we long for. I want you to realize that God this year is revealing to us what the real Easter gift is in the risen Christ. It is within us. What is it? He is giving us the additional opportunity here and now to give him praise and thanksgiving for his love.

Stay tuned.



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