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Church Bells are Ringing #9

Categories: Father Fay's Section

The last couple of times we have looked at the Mass as a remembrance — the Do this in memory of me. And we have explored how the Mass in its entirety reveals to us more and more who the Jesus is who said Take and eat…Take and drink… The scriptures, of course, play a major role in deepening our memories of who Jesus is and why he does what he does at the Eucharist today. Another eye-opener is the Tradition of the Church, especially incorporated into the structure and prayers we find in our Altar Missal. Finally, during the action of the Eucharist we experience the Holy Spirit opening our minds and hearts in understanding the Christ present in so many ways during the Mass.


So the liturgy of the Eucharist is a memorial of Jesus’ saving work for our redemption. To this aspect of Mass as memorial we must add equally the fact that the Mass is a presence of the Holy Spirit who brings about Christ’s presence within us more and more.


Remember our whole project here is to get ready for our return to Mass when God sees fit and respond to his call with a greater awareness of what he is doing when he gathers us with the body of Christ to share the Body of Christ even more than before. The Eucharist must never be the same for us after spending these days of religious retreat and contemplation of the Mystery of the Jesus who dwells in us.


The words of Institution during the Eucharistic Prayer are not the only highlight of the Church at prayer. The Invocation of the Holy Spirit (known as the Epiclesis) is needed for the Mass to be a Mass. We have a prayer of this kind in every Mass and is easily recognizable because during this prayer the priest extends his hand over the offerings. There are many aspects of the real presence of the Holy Spirit and his effectiveness during the Eucharist and plan to deal with those later. But for now I wish to give you some actual texts from the Eucharistic Prayers. These all occur immediately before the Words of Institution.


Eucharistic Prayer II

Make holy, therefore, these gifts, we pray,
by sending down your Spirit upon them like the dewfall,
so that they may become for us
the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Eucharistic Prayer III

Therefore, O Lord, we humbly implore you:
by the same Spirit graciously make holy
these gifts we have brought to you for consecration,
that they may become the Body and Blood
of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ,
at whose command we celebrate these mysteries.

Eucharistic Prayer IV

Therefore, O Lord, we pray:
may this same Holy Spirit
graciously sanctify these offerings,
that they may become
the Body and  Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
for the celebration of this great mystery,
which he himself left us
as an eternal covenant.

Reconciliation Prayer I

Look, we pray, upon your people’s offerings
and pour out on them the power of your Spirit,
that they may become the Body and Blood
of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ,
in whom we, too, are your sons and daughters.

By comparing these few examples you can recognize that the Spirit has a role in making the Body and Blood of Christ present. That is why the Invocation of the Spirit is essential for celebrating the Eucharist [The Mass is the work of God, not man.] Secondly, the Holy Spirit acts here in joining us to God’s Covenant together with his other people. Thirdly, the Holy Spirit is sent by the Father — the prayer is address to him. The Mass involves Father, Son and Spirit. To participate better in the Eucharist we need a greater awareness of the Triune God in our lives — not just Jesus.


There is more. We shall take it up next time.




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