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Andrea Bocelli — Part I

Categories: Father Fay's Section

Andrea Bocelli Easter Concert

We have become used to the surprises of this Easter. God truly made himself visible during these unusual times — the living God, the eternal God who is with us.

Andrea Bocelli, the blind international singing talent, has opened our eyes of faith to his enduring love for us no matter what happens. Easter evening he and small group of recording technicians accepted the invitation of the mayor of Milan, Italy to present Music for Hope, a live broadcast from an empty Duomo (Cathedral) of Milan, interspersed with prerecorded clips. The concert has gone throughout the world. At last count over 30 million people have watched it live and through replay. The audience was not just Easter believers but resonated with mankind in general because the pandemic has touched all and thoroughly shaken our everyday life to its roots. Life is at stake — the subject matter of Easter and the Resurrection of Christ.

A thought has occurred to me and, I hope to you as well, why does this come to us from Italy? As Andrea said in his opening remarks: I believe in the Christian Easter. So the concert was “staged” at the Cathedral in Milan, Italy — empty but for the organist and Andrea. Churches throughout the world have been empty this Easter, not by man’s personal choice but by the providential love of God to direct our attention to the community nature of our faith in Christ Jesus. He gathers us to celebrate that mystery over and over again. This time maybe we will take a deeper look that our faith is a faith in the mutual love of the body of Christ, the Church. Look further from our faith perspective and see how hard hit was Italy by the coronavirus and the suffering and deaths of so many Catholic people became known worldwide. Wasn’t that the angelic Easter message to the first disciples: Go, tell the others.

This concert presented over the Internet has been long planned by God. The deep effect it has had on so many people is “proof” that God is with us and has raised his Son from the dead so that we might live for all eternity. You can add to the millions of watchers at YouTube by clicking this link: Music for Hope.


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